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Wild Camping in the Hungarian Wilderness

We invite you to a special off the beaten track experience that you can’t get by the guidebooks or from the average tourist operators. We spent the night under the starry sky in our tents, have a dinner made on open fire and enjoy the sound of nature.

We start the adventure from your hotel in Budapest where we pick you up and drive to a hidden place in the woods. We settle down, build up our tents and hammocks, collect wood and start making the campfire. When the fire is alive enough we start preparing our delicious dinner on the open fire. The dinner can be anything from vegetarian to a spicy stew, but for sure, it will be a traditional Hungarian dish. Depending on the food of your choice we finish preparing the meal in one to three hours and after that we listen the sound of nature and the creatures living there and make a nice and warm fire.  

After enjoying the sound and the view of the campfire and each others company, we call it a day and go for a relaxing sleep in our tents or hammocks.

After waking up we have a coffee or a tea, prepare our breakfast in the morning lights, discuss our experiences we had throughout the night and start packing the campsite. When all done, we start our ride back to Budapest and drop you at your accommodation.

The Hungarian wilderness is very safe, we don’t have dangerous predators, so you can enjoy the peaceful night in your million star accommodation, nobody and nothing will harm you.  


This adventure is not about challenges. We drive straight to the campsite. If you want to hide away on a hidden summit of a mountain thats also possible, but in that case you have to carry the camping stuff and the food/water with you. 

We are up to any ideas and crazy requests :).


1 person – 170€
2 persons – 120€/ person
3-4 persons – 90€/ person
5-8 persons – 80€/ person

Meeting point:

  • Anywhere in Budapest

The price includes:

  • English speaking mountain guide during the whole trip

  • Organizational costs

  • Hotel pick up & drop in Budapest up to 8 persons

  • Ingredients for the dinner (meat or veggies or both)
  • Equipment for the dinner
  • Full camping equipment (tent, matt, sleeping bag)
  • A shot of a home made Hungarian pálinka


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