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Only one hour drive from Budapest and you can hike up to the best panoramic view to the Danube bend. There are several routes that you can chose to hike up to the summit, the easiest one is the red cross starting from Pilisszentlászló. It’s a 6 kilometers moderate uphill to the summit from Kis Rigó restaurant. If you fancy a more challenging hike you should start from the little romantic town next to Danube river, called Dömös. During the 2,5 kilometers uphill hike on the red triangle mark, the high heart rate is guaranteed, but worth every single sweat drops. The view from the ridge called Vadálló stones is absolutely stunning and the huge volcanic rock formations just make it even more breathtaking. No matter which trail you choose to hike up to the summit, the panorama to the Danube bend will amaze you for long long minutes. This summit is part of our One Day Wonder hike. 

Julianus lookout tower

The lookout tower on Hegyes-tető is based near Nagymaros in the Börzsöny mountains just on the other side of the Danube river, opposite Prédikálószék. The shortest, but still challenging hiking route is starting from Nagymaros (blue line), but you can also hike up to the summit from the nice romantic old town of Zebegény. It’s pretty sure that you won’t be eager to climb up the stairs to the lookout after finishing the last and steep uphill part, but believe me the 360° panorama from the lookout will make you forget about the last few minutes’ sweat. After hiking back either to Nagymaros or Zebegény save some time to have a walk in the old town, both of them are worth the time and the effort. Do you need a guide and a ride to Julianus lookout tower? Send us an email.

Elizabeth lookout tower

Budapest is an exceptional capital that has beautiful forest and hills not far from the city centre. Within half an hour of public transport ride from the downtown you can feel the nature around you. If you want to get away from the busy city one of the best spots to hike to is the Elizabeth lookout on János hill, at the highest point of Budapest. The lookout tower stands at 527 meters above sea level and provides a beautiful panorama to the city of Budapest and the sorrounding mountains. You can get there from Normafa bus station with an easy half an hour walk or if you want to boost your trip with a fun factor, you can get to the top of the hill by the chairlift from Zugliget. The best thing is to combine it and start from Zugliget, get to the top by chairlift, walk down to Normafa and then get back to the city (Széll Kálmán Tér) by buses 21 or 21A. Check our guided hike in the Buda hills.


Dobogókő is not only famous because of its beautiful views and deep forests but it’s known as the esoteric Earth’s chakra. The Dalai Lama visited the place several times to underline its spiritual importance. Standing on 699 meters above sea level, it’s the highest point of the Visegrádi hills. You can plan several great hikes from here both in the style of a shorter walk or of a longer adventure. The Thirring loop (marked with yellow circle) is a short loop close to the summit that provides some nice views and lets you admire the huge volcanic rock formations along the way. If you are ready to go for a longer hike both the Ram canyon and the lookout tower on Prédikálószék are in reachable distances. There’s a nice refugee house on the summit that offers good meals at affordable prices. With public transport it’s not the easiest to get there, takes about two hours from Budapest. With car, it’s about an hour drive to the city centre, so it is worth to rent a car or hire a guide for the trip who can bring you there.

Rám canyon

If you are an adrenaline junkie and you like to walk through streams and hike up in a volcanic canyon with waterfalls, the Ram canyon is a great place for you. The hiking trail to the canyon starts from Dömös, although it’s reachable with a longer hike from the above mentioned Dobogókő as well. We suggest you follow the green line from Dömös, it’s a nice warm-up walk until you get to the entrance of the canyon. The geological formation was created by the volcanic eruption 12 million years ago and it’s still under construction by the power of water. We recommend this trail only if you have confidence on uneven terrain and if you are not afraid to walk up on ladders to 3 meters height. If your children are experienced nature walkers and can manage walking on rocks and stones, this is certainly a lifetime adventure for them too. The Rám canyon is included in our One Day Wonder hike. 

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