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If you plan to do hiking in Hungary you shouldn’t prepare with heavy gear and big mountain boots as our highest summit is only 1014m above the sea level, so you don’t have to expect high mountain circumstances. For the same reason the hills and mountains of Hungary are covered with lots of trees and bushes, so you can hike in the never ending green forest for hours and days. The natural flora and fauna is what offers you a lot of beauty if you decide to take on your shoes and go for a walk or a hike. The varieties of old oak and beech trees, the deep green grassy meadows, the hundreds of varieties of the mushrooms during the humid autumn days or the colorful spring wild flowers are only a few to mention that delight the hungry hiker eyes.


Nevertheless Hungary doesn’t have high mountains, if you plan to do a whole day hike in the northern mountains of Hungary you should be prepared for steep uphill parts. The challenge is mainly that you have to hike uphill and downhill for several times a day, but believe me it worth every single drops of sweat. If you arrive to a summit with a round panorama, you will be glad that you decided to do the hike.

Hungary is a safe area for hiking. We don’t have any predators that can be dangerous for hikers. Bears are very rare, only a few are coming through the borders of Sloviakia in a year and they usually get back to their motherland in the same season. We have a few wolves in Hungary but they are afraid of humans, so the chance is almost 0% to meet them. The only thing you have to consider is if you are allergic to wasp bites.


Top of Budapest Hike

Enjoy the view from the highest point of Budapest and walk on trails that ar not mentioned in any of the guidebooks.

One Day Wonder

Hike to the best panorama to the Danube bend and a canyon with waterfalls in one day. Don’t miss our most booked hiking tour!

Balaton Hike & Wine

Combine hiking and wine tasting in Hungary’s unique region, the Balaton uplands.

Sunset with Campfire

Enjoy the sunset from a scenic point in the mountains of Hungary and cook your own dinner on a campfire! With hotel pick up and drop-off in Budapest.

Hide in the Wild

Two days and one night in Hungary’s most uninhabited mountain range. Only the woods with its creatures and us. Hammock or tent? Both can be an option.

Family Hike in the Dera Gorge

Easy but beautiful and fun hike for the whole family.