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Hike Budapest & Hungary

Family Adventures around Budapest

When the kids have seen all the fun the city can provide, or your family is on the outdoorish side, you may need some ideas on where to go. Let us help you discover places that are close to Budapest thus are accessible with family too, while still offering unwinding...

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Hiking Trail Marks of Budapest and Hungary

The hikers of Hungary and all the travelers who travel to Budapest and would like to go for a hike are in a lucky position because the forests of Budapest and Hungary have lots of great and well marked hiking trails. The Hungarian trail marking system is one of the...

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Best 5 Hikes in and around Budapest

PrédikálószékOnly one hour drive from Budapest and you can hike up to the best panoramic view to the Danube bend. There are several routes that you can chose to hike up to the summit, the easiest one is the red cross starting from Pilisszentlászló. It’s a 6 kilometers...

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5 Things That Will Amaze You About The Nature of Hungary

Hungary offers much more than just its historical capital, Budapest, and the ever-advertised flatlands called "Puszta" - especially for those who like to venture out into undisturbed areas of calm greenery. Here is just a handful of impressions and facts that will...

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Natural Treasures of Budapest #1

If you ask a Budapest citizen, very few will have an idea about the biologically most diverse area of the city, even though it is easily accessible and is in superb condition. It is no other than the protected area of Ördög-orom, or The Devil’s Cliff. The area...

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Black Pines and a Camel

My starting point is close to Budapest, which also makes this southern corner of the Pilis Mountains a perfect hiking spot for anyone visiting the Hungarian capital. I parked the car at a hidden street in Pilisborosjenő. The small village was always known for its...

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Hiking Advice for Hungary

If you plan to do hiking in Hungary you shouldn’t prepare with heavy gear and big mountain boots as our highest summit is only 1014m above the sea level, so you don’t have to expect high mountain circumstances. For the same reason the hills and mountains of Hungary...

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