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Hungary offers much more than just its historical capital, Budapest, and the ever-advertised flatlands called “Puszta” – especially for those who like to venture out into undisturbed areas of calm greenery.

Here is just a handful of impressions and facts that will surprise anyone seeking some outdoor adventure in this small, yet versatile country.

Wildlife is everywhere

Unlike the industrialised Western-European landscape, Hungary still offers random and unexpected sights of wild animals as soon as you leave the city. Deers, foxes, storks, buzzards can be spotted by the plenty just by driving on the country roads, not mentioning the abundance you meet when stepping into the forests.


Challenges are to be found here

Though Hungary does not offer snowcapped alpine peaks to climb, even the more athletic tourists will have a good time as ascents and descents come one after the other, making it easy to collect several hundred tough meters of altitude during just one hike in nature.


Is there a word for “far” in Hungarian?

This is a small country, so whatever you crave to be doing outdoors, you can get it pretty quickly. Mountains and nature reserves can be found in the proximity of Budapest, but even visiting the further and wilder areas does not take more than one to maximum three hours of driving.

Nature a la carte

The country is placed between two very different big mountain ranges (the Alps and the Carpathians), making it easy for the curious to observe different flora and fauna depending on where you go. You want to experience sub-alpine climate? We got it. Interested in scorching heat while observing butterflies among rocks? Enjoy it here.


All roads lead to… where?

Hungary’s nature reserves (of which it has plenty) can be visited freely by anyone knowing how to follow the trail signs. Sounds easy – which it is provided you understand the logic and structure behind the several types of signs that can be seen, often many of them in the same place. The signs are a combination of colour, shape, motifs, and one combination may repeat itself in the same area, with a totally different direction and meaning. It takes good knowledge of this system and the Hungarian map to navigate confidently – or a reliable local tour guide, if you want to make sure you get out of the beautiful Hungarian forests in the end.



Top of Budapest Hike

Enjoy the view from the highest point of Budapest and walk on trails that ar not mentioned in any of the guidebooks.

One Day Wonder

Hike to the best panorama to the Danube bend and a canyon with waterfalls in one day. Don’t miss our most booked hiking tour!

Balaton Hike & Wine

Combine hiking and wine tasting in Hungary’s unique region, the Balaton uplands.

Sunset with Campfire

Enjoy the sunset from a scenic point in the mountains of Hungary and cook your own dinner on a campfire! With hotel pick up and drop-off in Budapest.

Hide in the Wild

Two days and one night in Hungary’s most uninhabited mountain range. Only the woods with its creatures and us. Hammock or tent? Both can be an option.

Family Hike in the Dera Gorge

Easy but beautiful and fun hike for the whole family.