Views & Valleys in Mátra

We invite you to explore the exceptional Mátra mountains and experience its highs and lows, but lows only terms of altitude as the views and the atmosphere will exceed your expectations during this hiking trip. After jumping into the van in the morning at our meeting point in Budapest we start our drive to the starting point of the hike. The ride takes about an hour and a half. In Mátraszentimre we leave the van behind and kick of our hike with a descent to the magical valley of the Csörgő (rattling) stream. The stream got its name from the sound that rocks make as the water pushes them forward. It’s a beautiful deep green and wild valley with several stream crossings, so be prepared for crossing on rocks and don’t forget your changing socks at home ;). After leaving the valley we start our climb to the grassy meadow where the tourist house of Ágasvár is for a lunch break. We sit down into the grass and everybody can enjoy her/his lunchbox in the beautiful environment. When the energy cells are filled back again we step up onto our feet and start our climb to the highest point of the day, to the summit of Ágasvár where we can admire the panorama to the Mátra mountains and its surroundings. Following the national blue trail of Hungary we arrive the lookout tower on the summit of Vörös-kő. From there we slowly descending back to the van with full of experiences and positive energy. We drive back to Budapest and say goodbye to our hiking mates in tears :).

As we believe that walking in nature is the most touching with a small group, we have only 8 open places for this trip..


15 kms – 630 ms elevation gain.
Moderate. An average fitness level is needed to manage the day in a good mood. No hiking experience is needed, but if you don’t do any sports and you barely walk, you will get exhausted early in the day.


10500 HUF / person

We have only 8 places for all of our events. 

Meeting point:

  • Given spot in Budapest

The price includes:

  • English speaking mountain guide during the whole trip

  • Pick up & drop in Budapest  – 1,5 hours drive from and back to Budapest

  • Snacks, cereal bars, water

    Scheduled Events: 30th May


    Top of Budapest Hike

    Enjoy the view from the highest point of Budapest and walk on trails that ar not mentioned in any of the guidebooks.

    Balaton Hike & Wine

    Combine hiking and wine tasting in Hungary’s unique region, the Balaton uplands.

    Sunset with Campfire

    Enjoy the sunset from a scenic point in the mountains of Hungary and cook your own dinner on a campfire! 

    Family Hike in the Dera Gorge

    Easy but beautiful and fun hike for the whole family.

    Hide in the Wild

    Two days and one night in Hungary’s most uninhabited mountain range. Only the woods with its creatures and us. Hammock or tent? Both can be an option.